The world's technology is evolving every day for the better of our daily lives. These days, most of us own and carry devices that have a screen on it. Our generation is blessed with modern technology that gave us quick access to: fast internet, look up information online, find entertaining content, interact on social media, streaming videos and so much more. Unfortunately, many of us spend too much time looking at screens. Many of us have to work on a computer. Whether if it's for work or for gaming, we look at monitors nearly every day and when that goes on for a long term, our vision gets blurry. People generally wear normal glasses to see better, but do gaming glasses work? How do they work? Can they really help my sight?

Yes, gaming glasses do work. With the right prescription for your eyes, these glasses should help improve vision and reduce stress and strain on your eyes. These special glasses work by blocking a certain amount of harmful blue light that causes stress to your eyes.

In this post, we will be sharing some information on how gaming glasses work and why you should invest in a pair of those. If you are looking for more answers on this topic, you are reading the right post!

Do Gaming Glasses Work?

As mentioned above, gaming glasses do work, but how does it work? Before we get started, have you ever caught yourself wondering about any of these questions?

"Why do my eyes get blurry after long hours of screen time? Why do they hurt after hours of gaming? Why can't I see the shooter that is hiding behind the bush? Why are my eyes so dry? Why is my vision getting blurry? Do I need glasses?"

If your mind had wandered by those questions before, it may be time to get a pair of prescribed gaming glasses, because you might need them. But first, let's find out what is causing the problem in our modern world.

What Is Blue Light?

Digital device use is increasing every single day and the effects of blue light emission is affecting our generation's health. The emission of blue light from digital devices can cause health problems if we are exposed to it for a long time. Monitors emit harsh blue light that cause our eyes to work and focus harder. A long time of exposure to blue light can cause headache, fatigue, blurry visions, dry eyes and itchy eyes. If you are squinting and looking closely at screens a lot, your eyes are probably tired of focusing due to the blue light exposure. This is why we should all be taking frequent breaks from looking at our screens, because the exposure of blue light can slowly damage your eyes. The best way to reduce and prevent further damages from your eyes is to get a pair of prescribed blue light blocking glasses, or better known as gaming glasses to the gaming community.

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Gaming glasses are not just for gaming. You can wear them to see or read from any screens. They are designed to reduce the effects of blue light on your eyes. These glasses are better known as blue light blocking glasses, as the lenses can filter out the blue light, so that it won't reach your eyes. Almost all blue light passes through your retina, but research has shown that blue light exposure may lead to the risk of macular degeneration, which is a type of retina disease. Blue light can be seen by the human eye and it is high-energy and high-frequency. Long exposure to the blue light can cause biological effects as mentioned. That is why I personally own a pair of blue light blocking glasses for the sake of my eyes' health and performance.

Should I Invest in Gaming Glasses?

Investing in gaming glasses can benefit you in terms of the clarity of your vision. These blue light blocking glasses are not only great for preventing damages from your eyes, they are also great for gaming. These glasses have special lenses that slightly magnifies your vision, allowing you to see better from afar. If you were playing a match of Counter Strike: Global Offensive while wearing gaming glasses for instance, chances are, you will probably be able to play for long hours of uninterrupted sitting, target your enemies better from a distance, and your eyes would not feel as tired as when you have no glasses on. These special lenses on the blue light blocking glasses filters out harmful and sharp blue light, allowing us to see clearer and better.

Investing in a pair of gaming glasses is also beneficial for other circumstances. You don't have to reserve your gaming glasses just for gaming. You can wear these glasses whenever you have to look at a screen for a long period of time. Working on the computer while wearing blue light blocking glasses helps me to stay focus for a longer time, as I do not have to worry about any previous discomfort that I used to feel on my eyes when I didn't wear glasses.

How Else Do Gaming Glasses Help In Terms Of Health?

There are a lot of benefits that come with wearing gaming glasses or blue light blocking glasses. Research has shown that overexposure to blue light from digital devices disrupts sleep patterns. This is why we find it difficult to sleep after scrolling through the phone in the dark. Blue light from screen exposure is linked to health problems like retinal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Oversaturation of blue light may decrease sharp-sightedness, making it difficult for your eyes to focus. The intensity of blue light can sometimes cause photochemical damage to the retina if there was too much exposure. So, there is no harm getting yourself a pair of gaming glasses from all the good that it does!

Is Blue Light Exposure Really That Bad?

Blue light isn't the bad guy to blame. In fact, blue light can be found everywhere from sunlight to man-made digital devices. The emission of blue light from digital devices is only a fraction of the blue light emitted by the sun. So, why is it so bad for us to look at screens then? It should be fine for us to not wear glasses, if we don't really need them to see clearly, right? The main problem is when there is no regulation of digital device usage. Many of us spend a lot of time working on computers, tablets and phones daily. Constant exposure of blue light in close proximity to our face isn't healthy, which is why many eye specialist urge to promote eye health in this digitally thriving generation. So, frequently take the break that your eyes need, even if think you don't need it.

What Type Of Gaming Glasses Suits Me?

Do some research and look for a company that specializes in treated eyewear. Consult an eyewear prescriber or an optometrist to discuss about what type of lenses fit your eyes best. Tell them about any pre-existing eye conditions you have, along with the symptoms you experience. For example, the symptoms could be recurrent headaches, eye strain, dry eyes and so on. It is very important to share about the symptoms that you experience, so that the specialist can prescribe the right type of lenses for your eyewear.

Something that I do not recommend people to do is wearing somebody else's glasses. Everyone's eye sight works differently. If you were to wear a pair of glasses that is prescribed, but isn't specifically for you, your eyes will probably hurt when you see through the lenses. Make sure to get prescribed for your very own pair of gaming glasses, instead of buying it from someone that could have different eye sight capability. Some of us need glasses to see better in our daily lives and some of us don't. If you need glasses to see clearly, get a pair of gaming glasses that is prescribed by an optometrist. Or, if you can see perfectly but want a pair of gaming glasses for eye protection, glasses with blue light blocking lenses will work. Some places even have a lense tint selection. Other than that, there are many ways that you can customize a pair of glasses for your eyes. Consult a specialist for further details.

Final Thoughts

Wearing gaming glasses will not only better your gaming experience, it can also keep your eyes healthy by preventing fatigue and poor vision. Hence, I strongly encourage gamers and people that work on their computers a lot to get a pair of blue light blocking gaming glasses. By wearing a pair of prescribed glasses, it can reduce long hours of blue light exposure. Sight is a very important sense to have in our daily lives, so take good care of your eyes! That is all of the information we have on this topic. I hope you got the information you needed from this read. Stay crazy and game on!