How to avoid getting AFK kicked in GTA Online depends on if you are a console or PC user. On the console, flip the controller upside down, or loop a rubber band around the left joystick. On PC, put a pen in-between the screen and the W key on your keyboard.

In this article, I will be presenting with you some of the easiest tips and tricks to help you stay AFK on GTA online. This includes methods for console users, such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC users. I will also be sharing how to make money on GTA Online while you stay AFK.

How Do You Stay AFK Without Being Kicked in GTA Online?

To avoid being kicked out of the session, you need to make sure that your character is in Active Mode. The game times out in 15 minutes if there is no activity, so you need a creative trick up your sleeve to keep your game character in Active Mode. Many ways can help you stay AFK in the game without being kicked out of the session, here are some of them, sorted by least amount of time required.

Flip the Controller Upside Down

Platform: Console
Takes: 10 seconds

If you are playing on an Xbox One or PS4, the best and easiest option is to flip your controller upside down. It sounds just as easy as it is and it is proven to work!

Flipping your controller upside down puts pressure on the joysticks, causing the camera angle to spin around and keeping the character on Active Mode in the game. Since both of the joysticks will have pressure on them, your character will be walking in random directions, so do not forget to enable Passive Mode or you could be attacked by the other players in your session.

Passive Mode only works when you are on foot. Activating Passive Mode prevents your character from getting attacked and you will not be able to attack other players either. Activate Passive Mode with the Interaction Menu. The Interaction Menu is where you change some of the game settings that ought to be quickly available.

How to Access the Interactive Menu on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

  • Xbox One: Press the view button on your Xbox One controller.
  • PS4: Press the touchpad button on your PS4 controller.
  • PC: Press the 'M' key on your keyboard.

A Rubber Band Around the Joystick

Platform: Console
Takes: 15 seconds

The handy rubber band is not only used for flinging at people or to hold objects together. It can also help you stay idle in GTA Online. This trick only works for console controllers and it is similar to flipping the controller. All you need is a rubber band.

How to Stay AFK in GTA Online Using a Rubber Band

  1. Loop the rubber band around your left joystick.
  2. Pull the rubber band to the back of the controller.
  3. Flip your controller and twist the rubber band to tie a loop around the left handle of the controller.

This option requires a bit of trial and error in terms of positioning the controller, but it is fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it. If you need to be away for several hours, the rubber band trick will keep the game character in Active Mode while it wanders around on its own. As with the other tricks, be sure to enable Passive Mode to avoid getting attacked.

A Pen Between the Screen and the Keyboard

Platform: PC
Takes: 20 seconds

This trick is for sure the easiest way to stay AAFK on GTA V when playing with a PC. Simply place a pen in-between the bottom of the screen and the keyboard, normally, the 'W' key is just about right, but one of the other WASP keys will certainly do the trick if they are better placed to simulate a keypress with the screen and pen that you have available.

The pen method is the one I use when PC gaming, and here is a picture of how it looks and how to accomplish it.

This is how to put a pen between the screen and the keyboard to stay AFK in GTA Online.

Use a Downtown Cab

Platform: PC and Console
Takes: 30 seconds

This is a great method if you want to move your character to another part of the map while being away. If the phone says that the cab driver you called is busy, you do not have enough money for the ride.

How to Stay AFK on GTA Online Using the Taxi Method

  1. Enable Passive Mode, so that other players cannot attack you while you are in the middle of your ride.
  2. Select the drop-off location. It can take a while to search for your destination on the map as the map on your phone is quite small. You can expand the map to see and search better.
  3. Once you have chosen your location, the cab will start driving towards the destination. If you need more time to be away from the game, select a further location so that it will take longer to get there.

Keep in mind that this method does cost you money and it is charged according to how far your drop-off destination is. It's not my favorite way to stay idle but occasionally, I do use the cab when there are no other options.

Stay AFK in GTA Online by Watching TV

Platform: PC
Takes: 45 seconds

You can find a TV in your apartment, office, nightclub, or even in your garage in GTA Online. All you need to do is get your character to sit on the couch by the TV, and simply switch on the TV. Do not forget to put on a channel to watch. Sometimes, this is not enough, therefore, an extra step I take to make sure that I will not get kicked is by zooming into the TV screen. It keeps your character in Active Mode while it watches TV.

Dance at the Nightclub

Platform: PC and Console
Takes: 1 minute

Did you know that the more you dance in your nightclub, the more popularity it will gain? All you need to do is walk up to the dance floor and boogie-woogie with your moves. You can even make your character do different dance moves and I have to admit it, it is quite entertaining.

Simply dance perfectly with no missed beats to get rewards. The longer you dance, the better the rewards get.

How Much Money You Earn by Dancing in GTA Online

  • 15 minutes: Bronze
  • 30 minutes: Silver
  • 45 minutes: Gold
  • 60 minutes: Platinum

How to Dance in GTA Online

For Xbox One and PS4 users, flip your controllers upside down to apply pressure on the joysticks. This way, your character can dance on its own, gaining popularity and staying in Active Mode while you are away.

For PC users, press 'E' on your keyboard to begin dancing. You can find a moderately heavy object to force the buttons down to keep your character dancing.

This is one of the best methods to stay AFK in GTA Online if you are going to be away for a long time since you can make in-game money and gain popularity while not even playing the game.

Open the Orbital Cannon menu

Platform: PC and Console
Takes: 2 minutes

The Orbital Cannon is every GTA player's worst nightmare. It appears as a circular table inside of the Facility and it is a high-powered remote control explosive weapon that can be found in the game.

This abominable weapon is capable of destroying players, even if they are miles away or in a parking lot, with a 100 percent success rate. You can add an Orbital Cannon to a Facility for the cost of $900,000 and firing it costs $500,000.

Apart from being a crazy powerful weapon, the Orbital Cannon's targeting system can be used as an idle point to stay AFK in GTA Online. It is just like watching TV in GTA. Stand next to the Orbital Cannon and you will be able to choose an in-game player to spectate. Do so, and simply go AFK while your character stays in Active Mode.

Final Thoughts

To stay AFK in GTA Online as a console user, I recommend flipping the controller upside down. It's the easiest and quickest way that does not involve changing your settings, other than enabling Passive Mode.

For PC users, I recommend dancing at the nightclub. Simply find an object that has enough weight to apply pressure on the 'E' key of the keyboard while on the dance floor and get going.

Lastly, my final advice is to remember to enable Passive Mode when idling as it prevents you from taking damage. I wish you the best of luck in your future gaming sessions, stay crazy out there!