The estimated total to buy everything in GTA 5 is approximately $703,307,823. 2,147,483,647 is the hard limit as to the maximum amount of money that a character can hold at once, which is only $47,483,647 away from what Supreme as a company sold for back in early 2020.

In this article, we will be tackling a question that has a lot of internet detectives hooked, namely, how much money would you need to have it all on GTA Online? This article is going to give you a breakdown of how much money each category of things that you can buy would cost.

How Much Money Do You Need to Buy Everything in GTA V?

The curious GTA V gaming community has wondered about the amount of money that is needed to buy everything in the game, and many have tried to find an answer by searching on different platforms, but they constantly end up getting different answers depending on where they looked.

Due to the lack of good information that can be found on the internet on the topic, it seems like it is still a mystery until this day. Several YouTubers have also made videos on the topic, but they mentioned that it is nearly impossible to calculate every single purchase that was made. The reason being that it is too difficult to include the cost of upgrades, mods, customization, and clothing. The GTA 5 gaming community on Reddit is also puzzled as no one has had a specific answer for it.

However, if this is your first time looking up on this topic, stay tuned as we will be sharing a list of broken down costs while working by the number of things that players are allowed to buy. Let us solve this internet mystery, together.

The Cost Depends on Your Platform

GTA 5 combined with GTA Online features a whopping 665 drivable and controllable vehicles. These include cars, motorcycles, helicopters, planes, boats, and even more! If you were to scroll through just the list of cars available for purchase, it could take up to several months to read it all, for real! As time goes by, the number of vehicles that players can own will have updated, and increased as GTA 5 gets more and newer updates as time goes by.

In the older PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 edition of GTA 5, players could own up to 3 properties. Each property can store up to 10 cars, which makes a total of 30 cars in 3 properties. In the newer PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC edition, players can own up to 5 properties. Each property stores up to 10 cars, which makes a total of 50 cars in 5 different properties. So, how many vehicles that you could store depends on which edition of the game you have.

Anyway, my job is to pull out my calculator and sum up all the prices for every single vehicle in GTA 5, so here is the total amount of money that you would have to give up for the different types of  vehicles in GTA 5.

Cost to Buy All Vehicles in GTA 5

Vehicle Type Amount of Vehicles Price of Vehicles
Cars 248 $154,840,811
Vans 14 $3,815,450
Bicycles 6 $33,600
Motorcycles 44 $17,004,750
Helicopters 16 $39,721,450
Planes 37 $81,859,000
Boats 14 $5,806,819
Military Vehicles 11 $23,549,500
Other Vehicles* 26 $18,451,035

*The other vehicles category consists of service vehicles, industrial vehicles, utility vehicles, emergency vehicles, and commercial vehicles.

The total dollar amount to purchase all the vehicles for sale in GTA 5 is $345,082,415.

This took me several hours of research, collaborating with other fellow players, compiling information, of course playing the game, as well as doing the math. Not going to lie; these numbers would be complicated to keep track of if the calculator was not invented.

Cost to Buy All Properties in GTA 5

Property Type Amount of Properties Price of Properties
Apartments 58 $154,840,811
Arcades 6 $3,815,450
Arena Workshop 1 $33,600
Bunkers 11 $17,004,750
Casino Penthouse 1 $39,721,450
Crate Houses 22 $81,859,000
Executive Office Garages 3 $5,806,819
Executive Offices 4 $23,549,500
Facilities 9 $18,451,035
Garages 27 $1,724,500
Hangars 5 $10,710,000
MC Businesses 20 $22,627,100
MC Clubhouses 12 $4,178,000
Nightclubs 10 $14,385,000
Vehicle Warehouses 9 $20,310,000
Yachts 3 $21,000,000

The total dollar amount to purchase all properties in GTA 5 is $212,478,100.

GTA 5 properties are purchasable sites that allow players to access particular services. They also serve as a safe hideout from other players and NPCs. Other than that, cars can be stored in the garages of the properties.

Cost to Buy All Clothes in GTA 5

Clothing Type Price of Clothes
Masks $4,904,590
Glasses $119,375
Accessories $1,233,491
Tops and Shoes $7,408,569
Pants $542,255
Outfits $7,693,397

The total dollar amount to purchase all clothing in GTA 5 is $21,901,677.

Everybody loves to customize their GTA 5 characters. How about buying all of the clothes available? I couldn't summarize or give a specific number on how much all the clothes would cost because the prices vary since women's clothing is generally cheaper than men's clothing in GTA 5, however, I will use men's clothing for this example.

The Total Amount of Money to Buy Everything in GTA 5

The total of my GTA 5 shopping spree was $579,462,192. I was expecting a closer number to the $703,307,823 as calculated, however, I do own a female character, and the price of items do vary. So let us, for the time being, call this $123,845,631 difference a clothing price difference for men and women in GTA 5, even though my calculations may not have been scientific.

Final Thoughts

Rockstar Games might bring more updates to GTA 5 in the future, so the prices for everything in the game could change, so do not be surprised if the numbers don't match anymore in a long time from now. GTA 5 is a massive game with continual growing support, so would not be suprised if they add even more vehicles and, who knows, maybe even a new category of vehicles as well.

Also, as I mentioned, the actual numbers can also be affected by the kind of console that you are playing on, since you may be able to own a different amount of properties and cars depending on what generation console that you are playing on.

If you ever get bored of playing GTA 5, I can recommend you to use the tables above to create an updated version of the research, since it might have changed since I spent my hours researching the topic. I wish you the best of luck in your future gaming sessions, stay crazy out there!