Counter-Strike: Global Offensive requires 4 votes from 4 players in the match to kick a player. Sometimes, the votes are decided fairly and squarely, but votes can also be made according to unfair reasons. The good news is, players abusing the kick function might receive a cooldown period.

In today's post, I will be tackling the question of how to avoid getting kicked. I will also provide some information on what may be the reasons for CS:GO players getting kicked and also how does the kicking system work. If you are a new player of this game, this post should offer you some insight on how to deal with this issue!

How Do I Avoid Getting Kicked From CS:GO for No Reason?

Unfortunately, players do get kicked for no reason from time to time. There is no way to prevent getting kicked as whoever has received 4 votes from other players will be kicked from the game.

The developers of the game, Valve, have done their best to resolve this problem by issuing cooldown periods. Cooldowns are issued to make sure that CS:GO matches can be enjoyable for all players on the server. You will get a cooldown if you kick to many players, but also if you get kicked too many times.

The different levels of cooldowns in CS:GO:

  • First Cooldown (Level 1) - lasts 30 minutes
  • Second Cooldown (Level 2) - lasts 2 hours
  • Third Cooldown (Level 3) - lasts 24 hours
  • Fourth Cooldown (Level 4) - lasts 1 week

Cooldown levels can, in some cases, exceed level 4.

When a player is issued a cooldown level, there is no way to remove it from the account, other than to wait until the cooldown period expires. If the player's account shows a record of clean play for a week in CS:GO, the cooldown level will be reduced by one. Refer to the notes above to determine your current cooldown level.

Now that you have understood how cooldown periods are issued, let us hop on to some of the reasons players get kicked so that we can avoid getting kicked as much as possible.

Make Sure You Are Not the Cause of Getting Kicked

First and foremost, learn how to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by playing offline. Simply take some time to play on your own. You will be able to gain a bit of experience from learning the basics of the game during your practice match.

When you join an online match as a new player, you might get overwhelmed on how to play the game and you will probably get kicked out if you do not play as well as the other players.

Once you feel like you are getting the hang of the game, go ahead and try to play with random players in matchmaking for some fun. Get randomly matched to other players that want to play with players through the matchmaking system. Players generally do not get kicked when they play with random teammates because they want to play with random teammates too.

If you are still getting kicked, keep in mind that it is normal even if you did not do anything wrong. Being good does not make you immune to being kicked!

Play With People Whom You Know

Do you have friends that play CS:GO? If so, play with them! Playing Counter-Strike with your mates can be so fun! As a bonus, you can be certain that no one gets kicked out of the match. It is probably one of the best ways to avoid getting kicked.

Play for the Team

If people do not play according to their assigned team's objective, it will upset the rest of the players in the match. Make sure to follow your team's objective and complete the mission.

There is the terrorist team and the counter-terrorist team. Depending on the game's mode, each team has different objectives to follow. Do so, instead of focusing on getting the best in-game stats.

The Terrorist objective is to plant and defend the bomb or eliminate the Counter-Terrorists, while the Counter-Terrorist objective is to prevent the bomb from being planted, defuse the bomb or eliminate the Terrorists.

Learn your role in your team so that everyone is responsible for different areas and tasks of the match. As long as there's teamwork, it should make the dream work!

Do Not Go AFK During Matches

The last thing you want to deal with is when a player goes AFK during a match. Being away will slow down the rest of your teammates, leading to losing rounds and to people getting mad.

It is understandable if someone needs a toilet break or when someone needs to get something important quickly done. But not everyone is as compassionate! Some people just want to play with no interruption and win. So do not be the reason for others losing!

Try avoiding to go AFK if you can, if you have to go for a quick break, make sure to tell your team before going, and try to call a timeout after telling them.

Play Nice

Being rude is probably the biggest reason that will get you kicked out of the match. There is a lot of bullies and griefers that enjoy trolling new players by being verbally toxic.

Being rude in the game might not only get you kicked, but it might ruin someone's day too. Unfortunately, some players find joy in doing so. Gaming is meant to be fun for everyone.

Play Competitively

Joining a premade team can help avoid the circumstances of getting kicked. A premade is all about working together as a team.

Some players find a premade team to play competitive matchmaking with to not play with new people every single game. If you are serious about CS:GO, I highly recommend joining a premade team.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are new to the game, start by playing solo. That way, no one will be bothered by your level of skills and you will get to get better at the game before you play with other intermediate or advance players.

You can get kicked for so many reasons. Reasons that are not fair or even reasons that might be valid at times. Valve has created the cooldown levels to help manage the usage of the kick function to punish people who kick off other players without reason.

If someone kicks you for no reason, that person is probably doing it quite often and will have to deal with cooldown periods for doing so.

Lastly, there is not a single a technical way to avoid getting kicked from CS:GO sadly. It all depends on your luck, the kind of players you play with, your behavior, the other players' behavior. It is all about playing nice.

Remember to be nice to the your fellow teammates. Everyone is on there to have a fun match. Unfortunately, some players in the game can be quite rude or immature, but do not fall to that level.

I hope that the tips that I have provided can give you some insight into how the CS:GO community operates, stay crazy and game on!