If you were late to the video game party, Valorant might just be your ideal point to sneak in. Valorant: The Battle between Gods is a relatively new game launched by Riot Games in 2020. It is taking the world by storm; do not let this train leave without you. You can download Valorant without spending a penny if you already have a League of Legends account (Riot is combining all games under one place called 'Riot Accounts).

However, like any new title, Valorant has some not-so-clear features. Error messages are not alien as a game takes root. With Valorant especially, how to change the player's name is a persistent question. This article answers that question and all others that revolve around it. But, first up...

Understand Valorant Better
Are you looking for a new RPG that is easy to get into but has many customization options? If so, then look no further than Valorant! The game’s large variety of playable classes and the ability to play with friends or random people online make it fun for every player. The FPS genre isn’t going anywhere soon either - why not try it while it is still fresh in the market.

If you have an account and you are planning to change your name in Valorant, it essentially differs from how to change your name in other games like League of Legends.

To change the name;

Exit your Valorant client first by clicking on the settings then option log into your account. Then choose “Riot ID” from the options on the left side of the account box, delete your current Riot ID, and type in your new preferred Username. Last, click Submit" and then “Confirm.”

This here above is an absolute summary of the process. Now let us walk through it slowly, looking at every step in detail:

How Do I Change The Valorant Display Name?
It is important to note that the Valorant display name will not be the same as your Summoner name (if you decide to play League of Legends). Because both games require a Riot Games account you probably know the distinction. Both names can be changed from the Riot Account and are only used for their respective game purposes.

Riot IDs comprise two parts: a word made up of letters and symbols, and a hashtag containing three or more characters/symbols - these hashtags are designed. Hence, players have an easier path on either platform. I prefer mine to be catchy, which makes it fun for me and easy for other gamers to spot.

The hashtag system ensures that no two players have the same display name, making it easier to differentiate between them. Changing your Riot ID is simple as you can change both your hashtags and display names. You may choose something like “EliteGamer#Star,” for example.
Now that you have a great understanding of how Riot IDs function, let’s go over the steps:

  • First, exit your Valorant client firstTo do this, click on settings, Support, about, and then click the exit to the desktop button.

  • The second step is to open your desired browser and log on to riotgames.com
  • Verify your account if necessary by entering the email address you used to sign up
  • Then, log in using the correct details for your account. The details include a valid username and password
  • A pop-up page with several options and links to other pages like Riot ID, Personal information, Riot Account Sign-in, connected accounts, and communication reference will appear. Choose “Riot ID” from the options on the left side of the account box.
  • The next step is to delete your current Riot ID by clicking on it
  • After deleting, fill up the blanks with your preferred new display name
  • Select “Submit” and then “Confirm” to save the changes
  • You can now use your new display name to play Valorant
    Since you now have complete control over what changes can be made, it is essential to note that Riot chose in 2020 to force change objectionable names. Here are some examples of various offenses that may prompt the company to take action against your account:

  • Inappropriate or offensive language will cause a name change for both first and last names with no option for appeal/reversal. You must replace any inappropriate words with acceptable ones before changing a name! Using symbols as letters (I’m looking at you @$$holes)
  • Your character’s title contains something extremely crude like “Adolf Hitler” - this might not seem too bad, but Riot does not want players to name their characters after real people who to whom atrocities are attributed
  • Any slurs that are considered hate speech
  • Disruptive Names and Insults
    If you are flagged for having violated the name code, you will be forced to change your Riot ID to something approved by the Code of Conduct the next time you log in to the Riot client. To guarantee that Valorant is accessible to players of various backgrounds, Riot imposed compulsory name adjustments.

How Do I Change My Valorant Tagline?A tagline is a Valorous hashtag! A catchphrase and the same thing. You can control hashtags with three to five characters or digits, but your display name won’t be affected. Riot will give one according to a location like SA1 for South America if you haven’t changed it yet.
In addition, the creators have added an option to make your tagline random. The button is below the section where you can change your tagline.

  • Exit your Valorant client
  • Go to riotgames.com with your browser of choice
  • Verify your account if necessary by entering the email address you used to create it
  • Login with your username and password
  • Then Choose “Riot ID” from the options on the left side of the account box
  • Delete your current tagline by clicking on it
  • Input your new tagline
  • Select “Submit” and then “Confirm.”
  • With the updated slogan, you can now play Valorant
    If you’d like to add other gamers, make sure your tagline is accurate. If it isn’t, your friends may end up adding the wrong person and not you! Click on “display name” if this happens; a pop-up will tell you what that means.

Must I To Pay To Change My Valorant Name?A while back, changing your Summoner name, cost at least $0.5USD on the 'Name Change 'option in the store.

Nowadays, if you want to make your Valorant display names and taglines more attractive or memorable, there’s no requirement to pay anything. You can change them for free at any time by going through the straightforward process explained above.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Times I Can Change My Riot ID?
The new Riot ID is free and that you can change only it once every 30 days. Having changed mine recently, I’m stuck with my current display name for next month. You are only allowed to change the Name and tagline once every 30 days.