If you are an avid Nintendo and PC player, you may want more control on your Nintendo, without having to toggle your monitor everytime while switching from PC to Nintendo. You may also want to play sound using both devices at a time, allowing you to enjoy your music as you play your game. Here you can basically use your laptop screen as your monitor, and the controller will never leave your hand.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

1. Unplug the Nintendo Switch's HDMI cable from your TV

2. Plug in the disconnected HDMI cable into an HDMI capture card

3. Open Game Capture HD on your laptop

4. Turn on your Nintendo Switch console

5. Connect a USB cable from your laptop to the HDMI capture card

6. Wait to see your Nintendo Switch home screen on your laptop

7. Select the full-screen Icon using your Nintendo Switch without touching your laptop mouse or keyboard

In today's post, we'll be discussing how to connect Nintendo Switch to your laptop. We'll be looking at the various gadgets you require completing the process and how to make the connection successful. The post will also cover different ways to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop and what to do if your laptop does not have the required ports. Stick around to get these amazing tricks that to enhance your gaming experience.

How do I Connect my Nintendo Switch to Laptop? Why it Might be Necessary

Nintendo Switch has made it easier to play on-the-go through their handheld portable consoles. The Switch comes with an awesome looking screen that is easy to carry around, with customizable wireless joysticks. It also includes a Nintendo Dock which enables a seamless connection of all the devices and smooth gameplay. It makes the gaming experience amazing especially if you have to travel for work and other events.

When you are at home and need to enjoy the game on a larger interface, all you have to do is connect the Switch to your TV or monitor using the Dock. However, you might not have a TV or other form of a large monitor, or you may want full control on your laptop as you continue listening to your music and browsing. You can connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop.

Can You Connect Nintendo and Laptop Directly?

Unfortunately, you cannot connect your Nintendo Switch to your Laptop directly. You will need to use the Nintendo Dock to join the gadgets together. The Dock typically connects to monitors or TVs from its HDMI output port. Remember, a laptop also comes has an HDMI output port. This makes it quite difficult to connect Nintendo directly on the HDMI connection from a Nintendo Dock.

An HDMI output port implies that any connections you make using that port will be used to send data out to other devices rather than transferring data into the laptop. Since you want to send data from the Nintendo Switch Dock to your computer the HDMI option won't be of any help. The workaround is by using a device that can accept HDMI input data and convert it to USB output form. The device that works well for such a purpose is a Game Capture Card.

What is a Game Capture Card?

A game Capture Card is a gadget that is specifically made to enable PCs to relay gameplay from gaming consoles. The device acts as a basic connector and it has both HDMI input and output ports and a USB port that enables USB connection to your computer. To get the best gameplay streaming results, you should use a quality capture card that eliminates lags and roughness in the feed. This calls for you to check the qualities of several capture cards and choose the one whose benefits offer the best value for your money.

Elganto by Corsair is an excellent performer in the class of devices manufactured to stream consoles' gameplay via PC or laptop. The latest capture card from the company is the Elganto HD60S which is the single most selling gadget of this type. Its provision of 1080P output at 60 fps delivers the best performance in any game. If your laptop has a USB type-C connection, the experience will be even better as all lags are eliminated for the smoothest gameplay.

If your laptop has no provision for USB type-C connection, you should buy the older version of Elganto's capture card. The Elganto HD60 is a great option as it uses similar technology as the HD60S version, except for the superfast type-C output. It is currently the second-best game capture card available in the market today. It is also an affordable and easy-to-use option.

What are the Total Items Needed to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

1. Your Nintendo Switch

2. Your Laptop

3. The Nintendo Dock

4. A game capture card

5. One HDMI cable that you can find attached with either the Nintendo Dock or capture card

6. Connection software that you can download for free from the capture card's manufacturer's website

Procedure for Connecting Nintendo Switch to Laptop

First, ensure that you have all the gadgets and cables you need for the connection. This will ensure that when you start doing the connection you don't stop to look for other items. With all gadgets, connecting your Nintendo to your laptop becomes quite easy.

Follow the steps below to make a proper connection and enjoy using your laptop monitor as a TV screen for your Nintendo Switch;

1. Ensure that you have plugged in the Nintendo Switch Dock and laptop to a reliable power supply as the process is power-intensive. Failure to that can result in disruptions when one of the gadgets goes off before you can finish doing the connections

2. After ensuring that your laptop and Nintendo Switch Dock are properly plugged in, remove your Nintendo Switch's HDMI cable from your TV

3. Connect the HDMI cable you removed from the TV to the capture card by inserting it on the capture card's output port

4. Switch on your laptop, then install and open the game capture software

5. Turn on the Nintendo Switch by tapping the home button on any of the controllers that you have already connected to the console

6. Pick up the capture card's USB cable and use it to connect the laptop to the capture card. After a few second of waiting you will see a new window appear on your laptop's screen displaying the Switch console

7. If you have any issues connecting the Nintendo Switch to the capture card HD, you should verify whether you have properly connected the HDMI cable to the capture card through the input port

8. You can click the "Full Screen" icon to the top-right of the Switch capture HD homes screen to go to full screen on your laptop

9. Ensure that you avoid using or touching your laptop's keyboard and mouse. The Nintendo Switch footage will fill your laptop screen automatically and by itself to give you a bigger interface for viewing your Nintendo Switch games

Once you have connected and the Nintendo Switch footage loads without any lags, you can stream live or enjoy the big-screen experience. There is a back-to-back recording feature you can use to record your gameplay with live commentary and chat features being enabled.

You should ensure that you follow the process strictly for the best connection results. The process works excellently for all windows versions and nearly each laptop make. There are, however, alternative strategies to enjoy Switch games on your PC if the above process fails. The first of such includes buying a better laptop which has all the latest features, including USB type-C connectivity.

What If You Don't Have a HDMI Capture Card?

If you don't have an HDMI capture card, and you cannot manage to buy one, the other option to try is to download the PC versions of the Nintendo games. Most of the Nintendo Switch games are playable on a computer and can be downloaded for offline play. The Switch controllers are also compatible with your laptop meaning that you can enjoy similar gameplay as you would when accessing the games via a console.

You will, however, have to do with the exception of first-party franchises like Super Mario, Pokemon, and animal crossing. All the other games available on Nintendo Switch can be downloaded from the Microsoft App Store if your computer uses Windows 10, Steam, or Epic Games. There are popular game options such as Fortnite and Minecraft which support cross-save from one device to the other. This means that you can play continuously regardless of the device you use as you only need to access your online account.

The other option you can use to access Nintendo Switch games on your laptop is by installing a virtual machine or emulator software on the computer. The emulator allows you to run Android apps on your computer. However, most emulators tend to have lags and rarely give smooth gameplay making this option less appealing.

You can connect your Nintendo Switch to a laptop to use the laptop's monitor as a TV screen. However, the process requires a game capture card that allows you to connect an HDMI cable from the Nintendo Switch Dock and a USB cable to your laptop. You should follow the steps illustrated above for a proper connection.