GTA 5 freezing is the result of inadequate hardware or corrupt software. Make sure that you have 65 GB disk space available and 4 GB RAM for the game to run. If this is the case, verify the integrity of the game files to see if they are corrupt.

In this article, I will provide several ways to fix GTA 5 freezing, including step-by-step procedures you may want to follow when dealing with some specific issues. While it is difficult to determine the exact cause of the problem, you may not need to apply all of the fixes. Therefore, you should try to see if the game works again after implementing a fix, and save this website should it happen again.

Please note that the following content assumes that you are playing GTA 5 with a PC since the game rarely freezes on a console-based platform. Should you be playing GTA 5 with a console, and the game freezes regularly, you should contact the console manufacturer or the retailer that you bought the console from for further diagnostics.

Check Your PC for Windows Updates

You need to update your PC Windows every time you realize there are new updates. Failure to do so will not only render your system vulnerable to cyber attacks but also inefficiency. If you are experiencing freezing with GTA 5, then your old version of Windows could be a potential cause. The solution would be to install the new updates.

How to Install Windows Updates

  • Press the Windows key, search for 'Windows Update' and select the Windows Update option.
  • Choose "Check for updates" and the updates, if any, will be downloaded and installed.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can restart your computer and launch the game again.

Close Other Running Programs

If you are running other programs while playing GTA 5 on your PC, there are chances that your computer's RAM could be causing the freezing. A shortage of memory will freeze the game, as it can no longer use the memory. You can fix this problem by merely closing other programs to ensure that the game you are playing is the only program using the RAM. Some programs run in the background and are harder to terminate.

How to Close Background Programs

  1. Click on the arrow icon next to the ethernet symbol.
  2. Hover your mouse over the program you want to end, right-click, and choose 'End Task' or anything that resembles it.
  3. Once the unnecessary programs are all terminated, restart GTA 5 to see if the freezing is no more
The arrow that I mentioned in the first step looks just like this and is located on the bottom right.

Be sure you are only ending programs that you are well conversant with. Some programs are essential for your PC to function normally.

Add Virtual RAM to Your Computer

Even if 4 GB RAM is enough to run GTA, if you have other things running that you do not want to close, you can virtually boost the amount of RAM that your computer can use.

First, some knowledge. Your computer has an HDD or SSD, this is where all of your files, such as GTA 5, is located. Compared to RAM, both the HDD and SSD are very slow, but they are also much bigger, so they are good for different things.

Games such as GTA 5 prefer to use RAM for some specific things as it is much faster and gives you a better experience playing the game, however, to know if the shortage of RAM is the issue, you can temporarily make the computer use, for example, 4 GB of space on your HDD or SSD as RAM. The result is 4 GB extra ram, for free. However, this RAM will be a lot slower than normal RAM.

After doing this, you will know if a shortage of RAM was the issue, if GTA does not freeze anymore, it is recommended to buy some RAM sticks so that you do not have to use slower RAM on your disk space.

How to Create a Swap Partition

  1. On your desktop, right-click the "My Computer" icon and select 'Manage'.
  2. On the left side of the window, click on the "Disk Management" icon.
  3. Right-click on your fastest drive (preferably SSD) with available disk space and select 'Shrink'.
  4. When asked to enter a size for the partition, enter '4096' as the size for virtual memory. This is equal to 4 GB, in MB.
  5. When asked to enter a drive letter for the new partition, avoid 'C', 'E', and 'D'. Try the letter 'A'. Proceed to click on the ok button.

How to Add Virtual Memory to a Swap Partition

  1. Click 'start' followed by 'settings' and select 'Control Panel'-
  2. Dubble-click on the 'System' icon and click on 'Advanced Settings' on the left side of the window.
  3. Under the 'Performance' settings, select 'Settings'.
  4. After clicking 'Advanced', you will see a section called 'Virtual Settings' and a button with the text 'Change' - click it.
  5. You have created a Swap partition already, choose the same letter as you chose doing so, and enter '4096' as the size for virtual memory.
  6. Click ok two times as there are two dialogs that will come up, and proceed to restart your computer.

If this does not solve GTA 5 freezing, it probably has to do with the software rather than your hardware, which is a good thing, since you do not have to upgrade anything. Please keep on reading to troubleshoot the GTA 5 software and files.

Verify the Game Files

Does your GTA 5 game contain any corrupted or missing files? It is not that hard to find out, and if your game is freezing, these files could be the culprits. The GTA 5 file verification is a process that you can complete in just a few minutes, and the procedure depends on where you downloaded the game.

How to Verify Game Files on Steam

  • Click Library on Steam and select GTA 5.
  • Select properties and open Local Files.
  • Click Verify and give it a few minutes.
  • Launch the game to see if the issue persists.

How to Verify Game Files on Epic

  • Open the game launcher, hover your mouse to the pane on the left of your screen, select Library.
  • Click Verify on the settings menu and wait for the game files to be verified.

Update Out of Date Graphics Drivers

Your GTA 5 might freeze because of old graphics drivers, and Windows update does not always catch these. That means you should ensure that you have the latest card driver.

How to Update Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers

  • Go to NVIDIA settings and choose GeForce Experience
  • Open the Drivers and choose Check updates

If you can not find GeForce Experience in your Nvidia settings, it is because you have not downloaded the program, do so and it will show up.

How to Update Graphics Drivers

Not everyone has a graphics card from Nvidia, but since the information below works for nearly everyone else, I will show you how to update your graphics no matter the manufacturer.

  • Go to your computer's Device Manager and choose 'Display Adapters'.
  • Select 'Update Driver', and then proceed to search for updates.
  • Your system should now be able to automatically update the card driver.

Of course, I understand that updating drivers can be frustrating, however, there is a solution. If you are having issues with your drivers, try Driver Easy. With this program, all the work on driver updates will be done for you. It is designed to automatically detect your system requirements and update the drivers accordingly, however, it can be worth spending a few hours trying to update the drivers yourself, or ask somebody you know that is computer-savvy to do so since Drivers Easy is a premium product that costs money.

To use Driver Easy, you must have downloaded and installed it on your computer. Once you have done that, run the software and select 'Scan Now'. Outdated drivers will be detected and displayed. After clicking 'Update All' your PC will update all the out-of-date drivers automatically. Once done, restart your game to see if the problem is resolved.

Reinstall GTA 5

If your GTA game is still freezing, I am sorry to be the one to ask you to install the game afresh. Do not worry, as long as you have saved your game progress to Rockstar Cloud, nothing is lost. It just takes some time.

Now, the GTA reinstallation procedure will depend on the game store where you bought the game from. The two most popular stores are Epic Games and Steam. I provide the process to reinstall GTA 5 for each of these. In either case, you will need to first uninstall the game.

How to Uninstall a Game on Steam

  1. Click 'Library' in the Steam launcher.
  2. Right-click the game, select 'Manage' and choose 'Uninstall'.
  3. If reinstalling, allow time for the game to uninstall before you install it again.

How to Uninstall a Game on Epic

  1. Open the Epic launcher and click 'Library'.
  2. Click the menu next to the game (symbolized by three dots) and select uninstall.
  3. If reinstalling, you can simply do that from there as well. Just click 'install'.

Once you have uninstalled and reinstalled GTA 5, restart your PC, and launch the game; you shouldn't experience freezing if an incorrect installation was the cause of the problem.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, there are multiple ways to fix GTA 5 freezing, and your approach to resolving this issue will depend on what is causing it. The possible causes here include improper installation of the game, an outdated graphics card driver, missing or corrupted game files, and an obsolete version of Windows.

While knowing the exact cause of the problem could be a challenge, one of the easier approaches would be to try and apply every fix one by one until you find what works for you. You can start with the simple fixes such as installing Windows and graphics card updates before moving to slightly more complicated fixes, such as virtual memory adjustment.