Most people struggle with the decision of whether to buy a gaming laptop or not. If you're one of these people, you probably weigh the benefits against the cost and feel more inclined to pass. Surprisingly, you would think that it's a no brainer for die-hard fans of gaming, which couldn't be any further from the truth. Is buying a gaming laptop worth it?

Gaming is one of the most relaxing and acceptable leisure activities. In the US, gaming is the fastest growing industry, with statistics showing that both men and women spend at least 31 minutes playing video games daily. If you're dedicating time to gaming every day, why would you not want to buy a good laptop for the activity?

This article will address the reasons why many people, even gaming fanatics, struggle with the decision of whether a gaming laptop is worth it or not. Stick around to find out the reasons for and against the idea. By the end of this article, you will find it easier to decide whether it is worth it for you or not.

Why is a Gaming Laptop not Worth buying?

I find that people who automatically think it is not worth it, find gaming something they can do without. However, if gaming is a part of your lifestyle, you debate about it, before actually making a firm decision. Below are the reasons why a gaming laptop may not be worth it.

Too Costly

Gaming laptops do not come cheaply at all. The prices are so high that you can change your mind the minute you see the price tag. I know many people have saved up for it, fantasized about it, and on the day of making the purchase, they chicken out and decide to invest that money in another project. The average cost of a good gaming laptop is between $1200 and $1300.

That is on the lower side. A gaming laptop with top specs, the power to handle high-end VR apps, and long hours of gaming will be about $2000 or more. That is why most players will opt for a PS4 Pro, which is less than $400 on Amazon.

Reduced Size and Weight for Bigger Screens

To most players, including myself, a game will look and feel better when on a large screen. As we all know, most laptops will have a 15" screen. That cannot compare to the desktop's 17" or more. It is possible to find a laptop with that size of the screen, but the machine's weight will disqualify the portability aspect.

You cannot be carrying around 5-10 pounds on your back in the name of playing on the go. A laptop with such weight will limit your movement, therefore making no sense at all. In terms of graphics, a bigger screen will display better graphics than a smaller one. As much as game developers try to make the games responsive, the picture quality will reduce in most smaller devices. There are potent laptops with all the right specs, but the price will make you choose a different leisure activity.

High Maintenance Cost

A gaming laptop is a powerful machine that generates a lot of heat from the graphics card. There is a high chance that the heat will melt cables if the exhaust ports are positioned anywhere near lines that can melt. To avoid that, you will need to buy cooling pads, which adds extra cost to the laptop's price.

Due to the machine's frequent movement, as you carry it to your preferred location, there is a risk of damaging it through accidents or just regular wear and tear. Contrary to a desktop, which stays in the same position all the time. Buying new parts for a gaming laptop will cost you an arm and a leg.

Less or no Upgrade Potential at all

Technology keeps changing, and one minute a trend is the best thing in technology, and the next minute it's obsolete. Most laptops cannot upgrade in terms of features like the graphics card and the CPU. You are stuck with whatever you bought, and if a powerful upgrade is available, you will have to buy another laptop to access the upgraded features.

If you are one of those people who like keeping up with technological trends in the gaming world, you either save up for a new laptop now and then or chop out the big bucks to buy the most powerful machine with upgrade potential in the market.

Why is a Gaming Laptop Worth Buying?

Even with all the reasons against buying a gaming laptop, some people feel like every penny they spend on it is worth it. When analyzing the risk factor, you can tip the scales to the positive side and get yourself a powerful gaming machine. What would make me buy a gaming laptop?

Play on the Go

The main reason why anyone considers buying a gaming laptop is portability. Gaming involves little to no movement, and therefore moving to a new place when you want to play can help with a better experience. Change of scenery makes the game even better. For example, you can decide to play with your friends at their house instead of playing alone at home. Additionally, having a portable gaming laptop allows you to have fun activities you can engage in at places that would otherwise be boring.

A rugged laptop is a win either way

A gaming laptop is not something that is exclusively for gaming. A rugged laptop can do so much more than just gaming. Once you buy a computer with the best specs in the market, you can use it for literally anything, including work projects which use heavy software.

In short, you will have a multipurpose laptop that you can also use for gaming. In some way, that saves you money because you don't have to buy a laptop and a game console. You can use one device for both work and leisure.

A gaming laptop is also versatile. You can use it with other networks at home like the TV or the desktop monitor. Having a gaming laptop kind of solves all your computer problems. The ports on the laptop can be used to connect external keyboards as well.

Looks better and feels better

A laptop with high-end specs is built to withstand any turmoil. These laptops are made from durable materials while factoring in the design. Most of them look flashy and have additional features like a backlit keyboard to make them even more aesthetically pleasing. Some even come in different colors so that you can select a machine that goes with your office or home theme. The best thing is that the looks do not in any way interfere with quality. The quality remains intact, and the design matches the cost of the device.

Worth for your money

Gaming laptops may be expensive, but they are worth it. The resolution of a high-end gaming laptop cannot compare with that of an average laptop. Other features like battery and space are also way better than a cheaper regular notebook. In that sense, you pay for value. A gaming laptop is likely to last you longer than a normal one with basic specs. It does not limit what you can do with it and, therefore, worth the high dollars.

Think of it this way, if you want to write an article in Microsoft Word or enter some Microsoft Excel data, you will need a laptop, whether it is a gaming laptop or not. Why not buy a laptop that can play games and write an article then? It will give you more value than a basic laptop and a separate game console, which will probably cost more than the laptop when you combine both prices.

Final Thoughts

According to my post today, most people might think buying a gaming laptop is not worth it because they associate it with the cost. When the price is too high, we tend to focus on it and not the benefit we acquire from that product. On the other hand, some people feel that a gaming laptop is value for money because of all the high-end specs it brings on board. Its versatility is also a significant factor due to the multiple things you can do with a laptop.

The final decision lies with you, but I think a gaming laptop is worth buying. However, do not break the bank to get a gaming laptop. If your gaming needs are not that much, consider purchasing a cheaper laptop for about $500 or less. You can even go with the Xbox One X that is not more than $500 either.

The best thing about the market is that there is a product for every budget. Tablets also work perfectly fine, especially with smaller games. Besides, game developers keep coming up with games that take up less space and do not require any downloads. If you feel that a good gaming laptop is something you need, save up for it and get it.