As someone who grew up playing video games, gaming was my way of passing time while having fun at the same time. I would still spend a few hours a day playing video games as a working adult. Gaming is a hobby that helps me to relax from the real world, so I would always reserve a couple hours of my day to play video games. However, there is a huge misconception on gaming for people who didn't grow up with video games. Some say it's bad for health and a waste of time. But, is gaming really a waste of time? Or is it a misconception?

No, gaming is not a waste of time. In fact, there are many surprising benefits of playing video games. Research shows that playing video games provides healthy brain stimulation and it helps us to develop and improve problem solving skills. Gaming can also help relief stress and it can boost your mood. It is also a great way to spend time and have fun with your family and friends.

In this post, we will be sharing about why gaming isn't a waste of time and how it can benefit us in different ways. You are reading the right post if you are wondering the same!

Is Gaming A Waste of Time?

The answer is both yes and no. It really depends on how much time you spend on playing video games a day. For instance, gaming all day isn't healthy, especially when a person neglects the important aspects of their life. Japan is currently facing a problem like that. There is a term for people that refuse to leave their rooms to play video games and to ignore the real world. These people are called Hikikomori in Japan. People like this may have underlying conditions like depression. So, it is very important to regulate the hours of play time daily. As long as a person isn't detached from reality, playing video games for fun is totally fine. Video games are just harmless fun for our need of entertainment, as long as you are spending an appropriate amount of hours on it. Below are some of the benefits of gaming!

Video Games Make You Think

Figuring out how to beat a game isn't simple. It actually involves a lot of thinking and to give you an example, we will be discussing on the challenge of playing The Last of Us. The game challenges you to kill Clickers and a lot of times you have to sneak around the enemy while being quiet. If you run to close to them, they might come after you. So in this case, the player is put in a stressful situation to think of different ways to get around the battle zone. The player will have to make some quick decisions and do some fast and sneaky kills. That is just one of the examples, but that scenario demonstrates how gaming can help us develop our decision making skills by reflecting on our past actions to make better decisions. Be attentive and be ready to react fast before the Clickers get you.

Gaming Helps To Develop Reading Skills

Video games aren't just about looking at fun graphics while travelling around the game's map. Often times, there are a ton of text displayed on screen that players have to read in order to understand instructions or to understand the storyline. Both reading and listening requires a good amount of focus and attention. You don't want to miss a dialogue and be confused of what your next move should be. Players have to be very attentive when listening to verbal dialogues.

You May Have Better Hand Eye Coordination Skills

My favorite part of gaming is feeling the satisfaction of hitting the right buttons. We all start off as beginner gamers in our lives. We might be terrible at playing video games at first, but as time goes by, the more we play the better we can get! Your brain automatically matches the buttons with the moves, making your game plays smoother and that is how you can get better in developing your hand eye coordination skills. Gaming is like typing without looking at the keyboard for me. My hand eye coordination satisfies me and it speeds up my typing! It is just as satisfying as knowing exactly what button to hit, when fighting in Tekken.

Gaming Is An Escape

Everybody relaxes in different ways and many of us chose gaming as a form of relaxation. Some people choose reading or running as their form of relaxation and to me, that sounds as great as gaming honestly. However, there is a misconception that gaming is a waste of time. I personally disagree with it. As long as you regulate your hours of gaming then have the escape you can get from playing video games! Research shows that people are happier if they play games often, which makes a lot of sense. Playing video games serve us as a form of escape from the real world and the feeling of beating a challenge makes you feel good.

You Can Meet New People

One of my favorite thing of video games is that it provides a platform and gateway to meet new people. Online gaming platforms like Grand Theft Auto Online, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are the biggest examples of large online platforms. People often have to work together when playing those games, especially when they have to carry out a heist or to beat the other team. People who play those games for a long time may often demonstrate better teamwork and sportsmanship. Some of them may even have better social skill or leadership skill. The internet will always be filled with new people each day. There's always somewhere for us to meet people. Isn't it amazing?

Other than that, playing video games helps us to build bonds. I grew up playing video games every day with my uncle and we definitely built a special bond through that. I am always thankful that he showed me how games work. Recalling the conversations we've had, while he taught me how to play games, was an amazing memory to look back at. Playing video games with your family and friends may bring you closer to them. I cannot guarantee that everyone's experience is positive, but a lot of my friends with siblings agree that they are closer with their siblings, because of their similar interest in gaming.

Gaming Makes You Happier

All of the reasons mentioned above is good enough to say that gaming clearly isn't a waste of time. Gaming brings a lot of fun into our lives and it can actually teach us a lot of important skills and values. Research shows that gaming can also boost your mood! Video games are my go to when I am having a bad day. This explains the mood lift after winning a match of game. It may be a small achievement, but it sure does bring some form of happiness into our lives!

Have A Healthy Gaming Lifestyle

As much as we love gaming, maintaining a healthy gaming lifestyle is important as we have to live a balance life of fun and work. My way of maintaining a healthy gaming lifestyle is by allowing myself to play video games for at least an hour a day. Some days, I would fall into a pit of obsession for Animal Crossing and would start playing it for hours in a shot. That is when I realise I need to make sure I take short breaks. Everyone should not be forgetting to take breaks from gaming. Extensive amount of time spent looking on screen can strain and stress your eyes. Don't forget to wear blue light blocking glasses to help prevent damage from looking at the screen. Our posture is also very important so make sure you have a good chair to support your back from long hours of sitting.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has different needs and we all spend our free time differently. As long as the activity is harmless, people shouldn't be judged for spending their free time if it allows them to enjoy themselves. Gaming is just as good as reading and running. It is time to remove the misconception of gaming and start appreciating the fact that video games are created! In conclusion, gaming isn't a waste of time for me at all. It is where I find my kind of fun and it gives me an escape to play as other characters that are facing different obstacles. I am sure many of you can relate to the joy of gaming. In my opinion, video games are one of the best invention created by humans. We should start appreciating the fact that video games are made to entertain us and start accepting gaming as a regular hobby. Normalize gaming, but of course, don't get lost in gaming or forget to take care of yourself. That is all the information I have on this post! I hope you had a wonderful read. Stay crazy and game on.