Fortnite has been gaining popularity within the Muslim community over the past years. This has raised a lot of controversy among Muslim leaders on whether the game is haram for having lots of dark killings and violent activities.

Is Gaming Haram?

Islam does not forbid playing Fortnite, nor is it haram to do so. Most Muslim scholars disagree with Fortnite being illegal as they consider it only a form of halal enjoyment and leisure. There have also not been any official rulings or fatwas issued against the game and even other video games. The only thing that you should ensure is that the game never distracts you from the remembrance of Allah or promotes you to do things that are haram.

In today's post, we will discuss whether you can be a Fortnite gamer and a keen follower of Islam. We will look at the myths and misconceptions surrounding the game and why it is halal, including the conditions that could make playing the game haram. We will also discuss why and how playing Fortnite benefits you as a Muslim and the Islamic stand on playing video games. This is a post you do not want to miss, as we will also quote the Qur'an to support and prove our statements.

Is Gaming Haram? Debunking all the Misinformation

Fortnite, like other action-packed video games, can be entertaining and a fun way to spend your leisure time. However, there are misconceptions among the Muslim community that playing the game is haram due to a number of misunderstood aspects. Such include;

  • The game involves players killing other characters
  • The game has a lot of violence
  • The game is addictive
  • The game has haram content, such as music

Although these statements may carry some weight on them, it's important that we debunk each of the statements and find out whether it is really haram to play Fortnite.

The Game Involves Players Killing Other Characters

It is true, as you know, that you compete against other individuals by forming virtual teams and hunting down the virtual players who are not from your team. Once you find them, you fight them with any weapon you have and eliminate them. Otherwise, they'll eliminate you, if they are good.

However, it is just that. A game with virtual characters. There are no real people killed as it is only the virtual characters that are destroyed and such are immediately regenerated. There is no real human that befalls any human being since all the weapons are virtual as well.

Just like the game of chess where you eliminate and conqure the kingdom, you also conquer other virtual characters in the game. It is a game that will increase your response to immediate danger allowing you to think fast.

The Game has a Lot of Violence

This statement does not make the game haram because all the action is illusionary and only meant for fun. Playing the game is a hobby like many others and should be done moderately rather than actually believing in the violent actions that occur in it. There is also plenty of educative content on the game including things such as survival, racing, and overcoming obstacles. The game teaches you the value of teamwork and sharing.

The Game is Addictive

Fortnite is a game that is only meant for pleasure and entertainment. This is why you are encouraged to play during your own free time to avoid boredom. It is only in extreme scenarios where you can get addicted and be unable to do other things. It is easy to control yourself from a Fortnite addiction as it is not a basic need and only you only play for leisure purposes.

The game has Haram Content

It is important to note that music on Fortnite is not haram in Islam. There is no direct reference to music being haram in the Qur'an and in verse 6:119 Allah states that he has clearly stated what(ever) he prohibits you from. However, if you are concerned about the types of music that you listen to during the game and their origins, there is an option to play without music. The latest Fortnite updates also come with options to add custom music so you can as well listen to your favorite halal or Islam tunes as you game.

Islam Stand on Video Games

Fortnite is one of the numerous video games in the market and also one of those that are highly controversial amongst Muslims. Islam permits having fun in permissible ways and Qur'an never mentions video games as one of the things it prohibits. The only condition is that such games do not distract you from your obligatory duties like praying and honoring your parents and do not include or promote haram content.

Haram content in video games includes any of the following;

  • Depictions of human beings as the good guys who fight against sky beings who are then considered as bad guys and as such maligning Allah and his angels
  • The sanctification of the cross or using it to get strength
  • Approval of magic or witchcraft or the glorification of sorcerers, magicians, or witches
  • Approval of the hatred of Islam and Muslims such as by getting special points for killing Muslims or bombing their cities
  • Depictions of nudity such as seeing a pornographic picture after winning or other promotions of immorality
  • Promotion of gambling

You should, however, note that Allah's commands are not exclusive to video games. In Qur'an 24:37, Allah prohibits all things, including business, which could distract you from doing obligatory duties like your daily prayers. Even if you sleep all day then forget to keep your obligatory duties then you will have sinned against Allah. Therefore, the most important thing is to never fail to do that which Allah commands. You can play video games that do not have haram content as long as they do not interfere with your ability to do your obligatory duties.

How Fortnite Complements Your Islam Life

Fortnite is a game that involves heavy deployment of mental skills and monitoring your personal decisions or reactions. The following are some of the benefits it has to your life as a Muslim;

  • Improving your reactionary process. The illusion of the game is that of battlefields and you get to experience dangerous virtual situations. Such a setting allows you to control your emotions of fear and become active at defending yourself or engaging other tactics to save yourself
  • Planning. The game teaches you how to prepare yourself for danger by being alert and watching out for enemies to destroy their characters and other targets to go ahead. Some situations require you to execute well-laid plans or even come up with plans to save yourself or else face the danger of elimination
  • Attentiveness. If you are looking to develop mental focus, Fortnite teaches you to be attentive at all times and be wary of all that happens in your surroundings
  • Teamwork. Fortnite also teaches you to collaborate with others to achieve a common objective.

The game allows you to form teams and form plans as well as share resources to ensure that all your team members are victorious. You will face situations where you have to help your teammates defend themselves by giving them weapons and points or destroying the enemies who try to destroy them. At other times, you will have to learn the consequences of not working together as you and your team will be defeated easily

How to Play Fortnite in a Halal Way

The first thing that you have to ensure is that you only play the game for fun during hours that you are free of all your other obligations. You can do this by;

  • Stopping to play at once when the time comes for any of your daily prayers. You will, after all come back to the game once your prayers are done without having experienced any real bodily harm and continue playing
  • Timing yourself to know when the next time for prayer will be to avoid an instance where you are tempted to proceed with the game and skip prayer
  • Having Muslim teammates who can understand your need to stop playing when the time for prayer comes

The other thing you have to do is prevent yourself from being addicted to playing the game. There are several strategies to achieve this such as;

  • Setting time periods for when you can play Fortnite and only playing at those periods. This allows you to grow your self-control and avoid using up time for other activities to play the game
  • Monitoring your play patterns to know when you have started becoming an addict
  • Avoiding the game for several days or months when you notice that you are getting addicted to it
  • Engage in physical games and exercise to avoid sticking to one form of leisure that then becomes addictive
  • Keeping playing gadgets such as your phone and pads away from where you sleep to avoid the temptation of playing until late in the night

You should observe the things that may appear haram and seek ways to change the settings for such. This can include avoiding some missions, customizing your music, and playing with players who understand your needs as a Muslim, among others.

If you are a parent, you should monitor your children and even have playing sessions with them to educate them along the way on what the haram things they should avoid. Preventing them from playing will be counterproductive as they will find the means to play and even avoid all sorts of caution that you could have instilled in them.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite, on itself, cannot be haram because there are no specific prohibitions in Islam against the game. It is fun to play and enables you to pass your free time in a safe and controlled manner. You should, however, make sure that the game does not interfere with your obligatory duties such as prayers and does not develop into an addiction. Now, go game on!