The online version of Grand Theft Auto offers players an option to enable Passive Mode. Enabling Passive Mode makes the game less violent. With passive mode, players avoid some of the toxic players in the game. Enabling Passive Mode makes GTA Online less violent than GTA 5.

In today's post, we will be finding out if GTA online is less violent. To determine that, we will be providing you with more information and compare the online version of the game versus the single-player version. I will be sharing a few tips on how to avoid griefers, to make the game less violent.

Why GTA Online Is Less Violent

We all know that GTA 5 is rated mature, Grand Theft Auto has violent content. The game also provides a lot of freedom in terms of the actions that you can carry out.

Think of it as a world without laws. The players get to make their own decisions to be naughty or nice. However, many people worry that the game itself is too violent.

In my opinion, GTA Online is less violent. If you were to log onto GTA Online, a majority of the players in the game would be seen driving sports cars and having a good time. The game is less violent, mostly because there is much less dialogue. However, the griefers make it difficult to play the game peacefully, because of all of the rampages they cause.

The Problem With Griefers

Video games give us a spark of excitement and adrenaline, and it serves as a form of escape. In a video game such as GTA Online, nothing is impossible. But the game allows players to do certain things that we of course should not do in real life.

At times, you might encounter players that harass you in-game over and over again, usually by doing things such as driving over your character and alike.

Some players would even wait outside of your apartment, to rob some in-game cash from you the second that you get out. Those players are what the GTA community would call the griefers. Most GTA Online players are not griefers, but some are.

Even though griefers are a minority, they are a big problem in GTA since they ruin the game for everyone. Unfortunately, those players find joy over making other players angry. They like to pick at newcomers, then attack them just for fun or rob them out of their in-game money.

Veteran players generally have lesser problems with griefers. That is because they know how to deal with them. They are more likely able to scare the griefers away by attacking them.

However, if you are a newcomer, the fear of bumping into one of them is hectic, troublesome and, would make the game much more violent. Therefore, I have listed some of my favorite ways to avoid mean players and, therefore, make the game less violent.

How to Make GTA Online Less Violent

Grand Theft Auto Online was released back in 2013. Since then, Rockstar Games has added features to patch problems that the game has been facing, one being griefers making the life of newcomers harder. Here are some tips on how to use these features to avoid violence caused by griefers.

  1. Join a Peaceful Lobby. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a lobby to join without being killed by griefers every couple of seconds. My advice is to take a look at the number of people in each lobby and pick one that isn't overcrowded. This way you might get to enjoy the game with fewer, but enough players to play with. To see the amount of players in your GTA Online lobby, just open up the map and select the first item on there, where it says your in-game name. Now, you might see 1/13. That means that there are thirteen players on there and that you are one of them. If there are more than eight players, joining a new session may improve your experience.
  2. Check the Map. If you have decided to join a busier lobby and you are worried about bumping into griefers, take a look at the radar to see if there is anyone suspicious waiting to ambush you. Do this regularly to avoid griefers.
  3. Enable the Player Overhead Display. You can choose to enable other player's name display right over their head to be able to see where a player is at, even when they are hiding somewhere. To enable the Player Overhead Display, go into your Pause Menu, select Online, select Options, select Player Overhead Display, and switch the Player Overhead Display to Show.
  4. Change to Passive Mode. Activating Passive Mode prevents your character from getting attacked by other players, no exceptions. Remember that this setting makes it impossible for you to attack any other players as well. This is a great method against griefers.

These tips should make GTA Online less violent. Rockstar Games should get credit for adding the features mentioned above to GTA Online to help you avoid players that intend to make your experience with the game worse.

Final Thoughts

I do not witness as much violence as I used to have when I log on to Grand Theft Auto Online these days. The online version of the game has fewer griefers now than ever. Maybe the griefers have all grown up from their trolling phase. Maybe the game has lesser players now, but I think that the patches delivered by Rockstar Games have made GTA Online less violent.

Grand Theft Auto is still the best selling games in the whole gaming industry, and enjoyed all over the world. Now that you have the information required on how to make GTA Online less violent, you too can enjoy the game without having to worry about it being too violent. Just remember to join a peaceful lobby, to check the map, to enable the Player Overhead Display, and, to change to Passive Mode.