As fun as a game can be, the popularity of it will eventually fade away. But does it apply to the most played multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends? The game was released back in October 2009 by Riot Games and is still played until this very day. The game was so popular that the US became the first country to acknowledge players as sportsmen for visa purposes. However, there are thousands of Youtube videos, sub Reddits and gaming related articles discussing on reasons that the game is dying. But doesn't it show that League of Legends is doing really good, when we look at their daily player count? And doesn't Riot Games' generosity of setting up a large amount of cash prize prove that the game is still driving and striving everyday? It seems like they are still very successful, because they are paying millions of dollars to winners of the tournament every year. So, the big question is, is League of Legends dying?

No, League of Legends is not dying. In fact, it is still thriving until this day. According to the statistic that was released by Riot Games to the public, it was reported that there are atleast 4.2 million daily players. There are a whopping of 115 million monthly players and 32.5 million existing registrations. Which puts League of Legends on the spot of most played multiplayers game in Esport and most played game in the world. Now that's impressive.

In this post, we will be tackling some of the questions that fired up the gaming community's curiosity. We will answering questions like why are people claiming that League of Legends is dying, what made people think that the game is dying and how the game is actually doing now. We will also be talking about the novelty factor that affects the game's popularity. Stay tuned!

Is League of Legends Dying?

As mentioned above, if you look at the statistic, the answer is no. The game is actually still growing and it remains as the world's most played multiplayer game. Despite it being a 12 years old game, people are still playing it and it is still streamed online. People enjoy watching the streams and the tournaments and they absolutely adore the game entirely. However, there are flaws in the game, but there are also flaws in the League of Legends gaming community itself. We will be sharing some of the reasons why these claims are made below.

Why Is League of Legends Dying?

The truth is, League of Legends isn't dying. As explained above, there are statistic and numbers shown as proof that the game is still maintaining their growth on a daily basis. Despite the proof of numbers, people are still saying that the game is dying. But, what could be the reason for these discussions of the downfall of League of Legends on different platforms? The answer is competition.

What Made Us Feel Like The Game Is Getting Worst?

There are many other multiplayer online battle arena type of games that are thriving right now. To name a few of these MOBA type games, the examples are Call of Duty, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite and DOTA. All these games runs similarly with League of Legends' style and they are each other's competition.

The first reason that makes us feel like League of Legends is getting worst is probably because of the new and better games that came out after League of Legends. We have to keep in mind that Riot Games started off as a small company that never expected the game to get so big. They did an amazing job creating one of our favourite games that we have ever played. But more and more game design companies are getting creative and innovative, which is totally normal for us consumers to shift our attention and interest to other games over the time. We don't just play one game, we entertain ourselves with different games. The gaming community fail to realise how awesome it is for a game that has existed for over a decade to still be updated and patched. Now that's effort!

Next, there's the matchmaking process. We get into teams, start the battle and try to win a rank, right? The way a game loads or begins matters a lot. It has to load fast and efficient. So, a lot of people are not happy with how it takes forever to wait for the matchmaking mode in League of Legends to load. Some people only have to wait for about 5 minutes to start a match, but some had to wait for almost an hour, because of the skill based matchmaking process. So, let's say if you were a Diamond I rank, you might need to wait a little longer to be matched, because your skills may be too high compared to the existing ratio of people online. That puts the game in shame, because games like Rocket League only takes about 2 minutes to be matched for a game.

A smooth beginning helps to make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. As fun as League of Legends is, Riot Games should make some changes with the flaw of their matchmaking process. The quality of the game is so much different when you have to wait for 20 minutes instead of 2 minutes.

Riot Games also puts new things in the game without really thinking of the consequences of certain interactions. There are some aspects that are better off without an update, but I understand that Riot Games have to keep their players entertained with exciting features.

Let's not forget about the good changes that Riot Games have made. Several champions were revived and ever since then, players enjoyed using those characters during battle. However, I think Riot Games should really focus on promoting their existing champions, instead of creating more champions. As we all know, there are already a total of 153 champions for us to choose from.

The Problem With The League of Legends Community

When a game becomes too big and famous, more people start to play it and that creates competition. As the number of players grow, you will find what we call 'toxic players' joining matches. There is a special name for those toxic players. They are called Griefers.

Griefers like to troll around. They love to AFK and stay in the game during a battle, which ruins the quality of game for everybody. There is no consequences or punishment to AFK during a battle in League of Legends. People are having a bad gaming experience because of their useless troll detecting system. There is no actions carried out to control trolling activities and that means more and more of these players are going to appear and do the same. When that happens way too many times and when people start to complain about it, Riot Games should try to remove these Griefers. But that isn't the case, Riot Games haven't been the greatest at taking feedback from their players. I'm not saying that they don't do their best in managing their game, but they should at least do something about the Griefers.

One reddit post I read was saying that it took 26 reports to remove a feeder's account. That means this person has been feeding 26 matches. When competitions are filled with feeder account, it just won't be fun anymore. What is the point of winning a feeder? Where's the fun and exciting competition that we want? Some people would rather build their rank, rather than have fun. In my opinion, using a feeder just isn't my way of having fun or building skills.

Could It Be The Novelty Factor

One of the reasons why we think that League of Legends is dying could be related to the novelty factor. The definition of the novelty factor is the feeling of experiencing something new and exciting for the first time, but the excitement eventually wears off. Maybe we think that the game is dying, because we've been playing this game for a long time and can never experience the feeling of being excited for this game again.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I think that League of Legends is still a good game. But in reality, they do have big competitions like Fortnite, that they have to compete with. There's always a new game out and interests do shift. It is not necessary Riot Games' fault for the downfall of League of Legends. There's flaws in every game and that is why gaming companies exist to reconstruct and create better features and content for us. I am still very proud of League of Legends, because it isn't easy to maintain a game for more than 10 years to perfection. There is always room to improve and that is how we get better games in the future. That is all the information I have on today's topic and I hope you had an enjoyable read. Stay crazy and game on.