I can almost guarantee that League of Legends is in our top 5 most played games of all time. Even though every match is the same and the same thing happens over and over again, we would still go back for more. It's not like it's a story-based game or an MMORPG game with an expansive world to explore. It doesn't really have a progressive story line either and all you do is pick a champion and get into the battle field with your team mates. So, why do we play the game? Why is it so popular? Why are gamers still streaming their League of Legends matches online? Is League of Legends fun?

League of Legends is fun! There are about 115 million League of Legends players in 2020. These numbers have risen from 2012, where there were just about 12 million daily players only!

In today's post, we will be sharing about why do people still play League of Legends, the multiplayer online battle game that was once everyone's favorite, even though the game has been out for 10 long years! Stay tuned to learn about the 8 kinds of fun, a game design strategy that many gaming companies follow!

Is League of Legends Fun?

Riot games, which is the developer and publisher of the game, has added every single addicting aspects of gaming into League of Legends. For those who has never played or heard about the game, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena and a team-based strategy game. There are a total of 152 characters called champions in the game and players can decide which character they want to play as. Farm monsters, take down the enemy's towers and base, and kill your opponents. That is how you win the game!

So what makes this game fun, unique and addicting? To answer this question, we are going to talk about a game researcher named Marco LeBlanc. He came up with 8 pillars of game design that he refers to as 8 kinds of fun. Many companies create their game while referring to the 8 aspects to build an entertaining game! Riot Games has done a great job with the way League of Legends is built and designed and the game fulfills 6 out of the 8 kinds of fun in game design! We are about to dive into details of what the 8 kinds of fun is, that makes the game great!


Gaming itself is a form of escape from reality. It also provides a sense of accomplishment when we win, which is why we play video games! In the world of League of Legends, players get to play as whoever they want. The game provides a fantasy world where players can lose themselves in and do things that they cannot do in real life. Players can choose their character among 152 champions to fight in the battle and every single champion has its own unique powers. Every time you play as a new champion, the game will always provide different experiences and challenges.

League of Legends fills the fantasy category perfectly by designing the game and its champions with so many different powers and abilities. You can choose to be a giant goop, a little demonic girl or a giant rock person. Whoever you play as will give you a challenging and exciting match through discovering and upgrading your powers.


Challenge is a form of pleasure that many people can relate to. We all enjoy beating series of obstacles and enemies in games because winning a game makes us feel good and it psychologically pleases us. That is why all games are based on the challenge aspect. Everyone wants perpetual challenges and you will find that in League of Legends as you defeat endless opponents.

There is always a new challenge for competitive players to face. You can have a lot of fun trying to beat your friend's rank, or even work together with your teammates to beat your opponents. League of Legends encompasses the challenge aspect wonderfully in the game and welcomes players to challenge each other online.


The next kind of fun is fellowship, where the game allows you to work with other players to beat challenges. Sometimes, you could face challenges like when there is no team work in the match. For example: When a teammate decides to play on their own and rush towards taking down the towers. That could ruin the game for your entire team! But most of the time when you play with your friends, it can be a lot of fun as you may already have a plan on how to get through the battle as a team.

League of Legends has fulfilled the fellowship aspect by allowing players to interact with one and another and to cooperate as they strive towards the goal of winning! The rush you feel when you work together to defeat the enemy team is so exciting and the sense of accomplishment makes you feel great!


The fourth kind of fun is discovery, where the game provides you a huge amount of content in its map. Walk past the jungle in League of Legends to meet the monsters residing between the lanes on Summoner's Rift. These jungle monsters are one of the obstacles you'll face as you move forward into the enemy's land. The more you play, the more spells and powers you will discover. Players can upgrade their champion as they play and get into tougher matches to challenge themselves and others.

Even though League of Legends is not a expansive world, there are many features that included the discovery aspect in the game. The game has a huge amount of content that gives you a wonderful feeling when you discover it. New players tend to get hook onto the discovery of the massive selection of champions, where they can always choose someone new to play as. As for old players, they still experience a sense discovery whenever they play a match with a new teammate. Your team will have to work together to figure out what tactics or approach that your opponent is going to use.


In League of Legends, one thing you have to do is farm monsters to level up and gain new abilities with more power at each level. Many players have enjoyed the submission aspect of the game as they get to see their characters develop according to their action. For example: Leveling up before your opponent and get a kill because of it.

The sense of accomplishment you get from winning a match is so satisfying and it keeps us on our toes! Farming monsters is one of the ways that can help you win the match, so it keeps players aware of their surrounding and number of backup to proceed further into the enemy's territory.


This game allows players to express through different play styles. It allows players to play as different identities with different unique abilities! You can be the leader of the match, the healer of the game, or even the best mid lane guardian in your division. It's all up to you! Being able to observe other's play style can benefit you as you can learn about different tactics or different champions from previous matches.

There are so many champions that I have yet to play as! That just shows how players can always pick a new character to try and achieve the best of its from, if they are looking for a brand new match's experience! Master a champion's ability and watch how powerful of a leader or a fighter you are to your teammates!

Final Thoughts

League of Legends is a old game, but that doesn't mean it's not fun! It really depends on what type of gamer you are. Personally, I do enjoy the game but as the gaming industry grows, interests shift. I have come to an understanding that people still play League of Legends is because Riot Games does patching. This means that they are constantly improving and maintaining the game. Hence, this is why many veteran players still play League of Legends. It is simply a fun and quick game and each match only takes about 20 to 50 minutes to complete! It might feel like a quick game, but the game requires teamwork and a good strategy carried out as a team.

In conclusion, I do enjoy the game a lot and still play it after all these years! In case you are curious of the other 2 gaming aspects that is not included in League of Legends, they are the sensation aspect and narrative aspect. I would definitely recommend everyone to give '8 Kinds of Fun' a search on the internet, so that you can learn more about how other gaming companies apply this game design strategy on other games. That is all the answers I have in regards of is League of Legends fun. Good luck in your future gaming adventures! Stay crazy and have fun!