New consoles are produced only every couple of years. Unlike the PC and the smartphone world, they get progressive updates every year, whereas for consoles, we really have to wait. So, whenever a new console is out, people tend to have really high expectations on it and they want to get an awesome gaming experience that they have paid for. The PlayStation 5 went on sale on November 12, 2020, and surprise, surprise, it sold out very quickly in many countries! But the question is, is the PlayStation 5 worth it?

Yes, I personally think that the PlayStation 5 is worth it. We haven't seen such a big leap in the world of gaming and it is not only improved in terms of performance. Sony has created a much faster performance console with a completely redesigned outlook that not only looks like a next gen console, but it also performs like a next gen console too.

In this article, we will be sharing about the PlayStation 5's features and the improvements made, compared to the PlayStation 4. You can also expect some honest opinions from a fellow gamer as well. We're going to help you to get a better understanding on the console while you wait to get one on your very own hands, so stay tuned!

Is The PlayStation 5 Worth it?

The PlayStation 5 offers a spectacular next gen gaming experience that can only be understood once you have tried playing a 4K graphic game on a 4K TV. The cutting edge graphics is enough to blow your mind! This brand new console has a look and feel that is built for a 4K TV and players can enhance their gaming experience by purchasing its high tech accessories. Gamers recommend to play the pre-loaded game in the PlayStation 5, Astro's Playroom, to experience a grounded realism of PlayStation 5. We will be getting into more details regarding to realism in the game later on.

The DualSense Controller

The design of the DualSense controller has a futuristic look that compliments the black and white of the console's eye catching design. It is bigger and a little heavier than the DualShock 4 controller. It is also a wireless controller that has great quality buttons and a USB-C. The battery life itself is great too! The type of games you play and the amount of hours you play can affect the battery's life. The controller might need to be charged more often if you are playing a game that requires the DualSense controller to react a lot.

The brand new DualSense controller offers enticing haptic feedback, improved adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone. It provides an experience where players can feel physically responsive feedback to the in-game actions. Other than that, the adaptive triggers allow players to feel varying levels of force according to the game's environment, enabling players to feel physically connected to their in-game experience. Players will immediately be able to notice the upgraded difference when they compare the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller to the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller.

Ray Tracing

A fun game that gamers would highly recommend to play on the PlayStation 5 is Astro's Playroom. This game is not only perfect for testing out the upgrade of the controller. It also shows how 4K the graphics are when you're playing on a 4K resolution TV! Speaking of cutting edge graphics, ray tracing is a feature that implements realism into the game. This feature grounds a game in realistic lighting solution, which means that the game portrays how light works in real life!

If you have the high fidelity mode on, the game shows a much more realistic effect on the environment of the game and you can see how much detail is put into different textures and lighting. If you were playing as the Astro Bot in Astro's Playroom, try standing near a plot of grass. You will be able to see the green of the grass reflecting on the Astro Bot's body. Now, that's details!

Another game that perfectly demonstrates ray tracing is Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game is the headlining launch title for PlayStation 5. Many gamers have complimented on how crisp the graphics, textures, reflection, and lighting is when they are playing on the PlayStation 5 console. When Spider-Man glides through the snowy New York City, you can see the realistic texture of the snow particle flowing by! You can also see a clear reflection of the character when it is standing near a window or near any transparent and reflective surfaces. Personally, I think that's awesome! That's the next level of proficiency in detail right there.

Here's what the high performance mode does. It is less graphic intensive, which means that the game runs in a much smoother motion. If you were playing Spider-Man on this mode, the texture of the snow will still look good, even when ray tracing is off. It all depends on your personal preference and you are still experiencing next gen gaming through other features.

The Console

The PlayStation 5 definitely has a next gen gaming look. Although it is much bigger than the PlayStation 4 console, it has a silent exhaust. It runs quietly while keeping the console cool, which means it will work in higher performance. No more loud noises coming out of your console, yay!

The brand new console is well-known for its lighting-fast loading, thanks to the ultra-high speed SSD. It can also load PlayStation 4 games the same. The issue is, newer games tend to take bigger space in storage and we all know that SSD storage can be very expensive. So, if you are thinking about getting the PlayStation 5, be ready to watch your storage space and expect to invest on an SSD drive if you plan to download a lot of high definition games.

The PlayStation 5 also has a new UI and when you turn on the console, it welcomes you with a wave of beautiful sparkle effects that looks spectacular on a 4K TV. The control center's simplicity is my favorite. There are activity cards that allow players to interact with different games. These cards show the key objective and progress percentage in the game, so that players can revisit a chapter to complete the challenge. It also has a personalized playtime estimate, where it gives player an idea of how long it takes to complete a chapter of games! Some of the activity let's players jump directly into a specific chapter in the game via cards. These cards also offer official game help, which benefits active PlayStation Plus members in some PlayStation 5 games! You can select the objective to get hints on how to complete the chapter or challenge without going through the trouble of web searches. That means players won't have to rely on reading articles or watching game plays to finish the game. The hint screen can be expanded without having to exiting the game. This way, players can watch the hint screen on the side while they figure out how to complete a challenge.

The console has also improved the voice chat system and there's a mute button on the controller. Players can now share screen to other players online! You can chat and play games while watching your friend's game at whichever corner of your screen. The screenshot and recorded videos are now in 4K resolution so players can definitely make use of the quality when they stream their games online!


If you have a bigger budget to invest more into your console, you can consider purchasing the accessories like the PULSE 3D wireless headset. These compatible headphones can enhance your gaming experience with 3D audio that sounds amazing to your ears! They are also selling PS camera and you can request for a camera adaptor for free. Next, we have the media remote, where you can go on Youtube, Netflix, Disney +, Spotify or even Amazon Prime on your console. It's not a necessity to collect all these accessories, but if you are someone that wants to invest in your gaming experience then you will definitely enjoy them.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I think that the PlayStation 5 is worth it! This console will probably be relevant for the next 5 years and it can only get better. There is one thing that you have to consider, which is the games that you can get in the future. Xbox announced that they have bought Zenimax Media, which is the parent company of Bethesda. This might or might not affect the future game releases that we can get from Bethesda. But fret not, PlayStation still has more exclusive titles than any other consoles. In conclusion, I believe the best value for money is the new PlayStation 5 console based on all the criteria above. That is all the information I can provide on this amazing, high-tech console. Good luck in your future gaming endeavors, stay crazy and game on!