How to Stop Playing Video Games (Such as Fortnite or PUBG)

Have you ever got to a point of gaming, where you realize your daily life have been consumed by a video game? I'm sure we all have had that similar type of experience in our lives. At one point, even my grandparents were addicted to playing mobile games like Candy Crush, so there's no shame! The gaming industry's market is booming and in our generation, consoles are more portable and easily accessible to anybody in the world. These days, everybody owns a smartphone, or even a portable console. And when we get bored, we automatically resolve our problem of boredom by playing video games. You can pull out a phone, a tablet, or even a Nintendo Switch to play 30 minutes of Fortnite or PUBG, while waiting for a train or any form of public transport. We love playing video games as our form of entertainment, because it's so convenient and fun! But, if your gaming habit is starting to affect or consume your daily life, then it's time to consider how to stop or reduce the hours of playing video games. So, how do we stop playing addicting video games like Fortnite and PUBG?

Motivate yourself to search for a balance lifestyle and make a change for the better. This goes for any kind of bad habit, not just for gaming. You don't have to stop playing video games completely. What you do need to realize is when to take a break from your gaming sessions. Don't get to a point where video games control or affect your daily life decisions. Because if it does, you might have some form of addiction in gaming. Gaming is a passion that many of us share. However, we should learn to recognize when to stop and take breaks from video games.

In this post, we will be sharing some advice on how to recognize bad gaming habits. We will also get into details on how to overcome and reduce the addiction of playing video games, like Fortnite or PUBG. If you have found yourself in moments where you feel like your life has been consumed by video games, I hope the advices on this article can shed some light on this issue.

How Do I Stop Playing Video Games?

You have to first learn to recognize bad gaming habits before you stop playing video games. Unless, the reason that you want to stop gaming is due to it affecting your life. To most people, reducing the hours of gaming works. Some may even find it easier to put their devices far away from their reach. But, some people might find it difficult to keep themselves away from gaming. Some might even isolate themselves, just to play video games all day. It's important to catch a bad habit before it gets too far.

Start By Recognizing The Problem

These are the questions that you might ask yourself, before you conclude that you have a bad gaming habit or not. I'm no doctor and please do not self-diagnose. But, I am sure that these questions can give you a clear answer on whether gaming is affecting your life in a negative way.

  • Are you trying to play less video games, but you're finding it difficult from reducing the amount of time spent on gaming?
  • Do you get restless or angry from withdrawing yourself from playing video games?
  • Do you give up spending time with your family or friends often?
  • Are you risking relationships with family and friends to stay home and play video games?
  • Do you isolate yourself daily to play video games for hours?
  • Do you neglect your health and hygiene?
  • Are you finding a hard time sleeping?

If your answers are yes to the majority of the questions above, you might have to consider cutting down the amount of hours spent on gaming. The question is, what can you do about this problem and how can you deal with it efficiently?

How Do I Stop This Habit?

Just like any habit, it's hard to stop or quit a bad habit, when it becomes a daily habit. As stated in several articles that I have read, some countries and public officials are considering to ban games like PUBG and Fortnite. But why are those two games targeted the most? According to WHO (World Health Organization), study has shown that gaming addiction has association to anxiety, depression, ADHD, social phobia and poor psycho-social support. Consequently, if you feel like your gaming habit is affecting your mental health, seek for professional help!

If you are trying to help yourself to reduce the amount of time spent on gaming, here are some suggestions:

Slowly Reduce The Amount of Time Spent On Gaming

If you are finding it difficult to stop playing video games straight away, try setting yourself a goal by giving yourself a certain amount of hours to play video games. Slowly cut down the time as days go by, until you feel like your gaming sessions are in an appropriate amount of hours.

Find A New Interest Or Hobby

It's not easy to find a new interest or hobby that you may like during times like this. You may find yourself gravitating towards gaming instead of other activities, but you have to motivate yourself to find another entertaining activity. It doesn't have to be working out in a gym. There's plenty of things to do for fun! My choice of fun is making art, making music, and playing video games in a moderate amount of hours. You can do it too!

Tell People That You Are Quitting Video Games

I find it easier to quit a habit when I share my goal to other people. Tell your family and friends that you want to play less or quit playing video games! This way they can provide you the support and encouragement that you need. They can also help by monitoring the hours you spend on video games too.

Uninstall Your Games

This may sound silly, but if you feel like you have a serious addiction for gaming, try uninstalling your games. Yes, you can download the games again, but you have to be resilient enough to stick to your goal and don't reinstall your games. It's understandable when you relapse from a problem. However, your goal should remain as trying to recover from a gaming addiction and transforming it to normal play.

List Down The Things That You Have Missed Out Because of Gaming

Making a list based on the good times you've missed out should be able to serve as a reminder on how gaming has negatively impacted your life. Reflect on your list and really think about how you have been doing mental health wise. If you often cancel plans with family and friends on purpose, there is clearly an issue and reflecting on your mistakes can help you get better. Reflection is very important when it comes to dealing with a bad habit or addiction.

These are many more ways to stop yourself from playing video games. If you have tried the suggestions above and it didn't help, seek for professional help.

Final Thoughts

Video games serves us as an escape. It can be very addicting sometimes, but it's really okay to play video games like PUBG and Fortnite. It's normal play as long as it's a good amount of hours that does not affect your health, hygiene, happiness and relationship. It's not normal play, if it consumes your life and mindset. After all, our health is our wealth. Learn to recognize when it is bad gaming and just enjoy your time if it's normal play.

My last piece of advice on this topic is to at least take care of your vision and posture. It is very important that your eyes get the rest and protection that it needs. Long hours of sitting can hurt your back or even crook your back posture. Wear a pair of glasses, preferably UV blocking glasses, to protect your eyes from harmful rays shining out of the monitor. Long term of UV exposure to the eyes can cause permanent damage. Maybe even invest on a good office or gaming chair for the sake of better back posture.

In conclusion, you don't have to stop playing video games completely, just play a rightful amount of hours and the right type of games. Playing PUBG or Fortnite isn't necessary bad. If you think that some video games are affecting you in a bad way then switch to a another one. You will know when to permanently quit playing video games when the time comes. If you think that you have a gaming addiction, I urge you to seek for professional help and remember that it's okay to get help! That is all the information I have on today's article. I hope it has been a useful read. To those who are battling a hard time to quit gaming, I wish you all the best of luck!