The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most popular video games in the world today, and for good reason. I love a lot about the game and over 28 million people who have bought it must agree with me. From its gameplay to its awesome graphics and lovely theme, there is a lot that makes Witcher 3 a worthy upgrade of its processors.

Also of note are the regular updates by creator CD Projekt Red that are easily downloadable. It also has a variety of armor sets that have different features to suit players of various skill levels and tastes. The question 'which are the best armor sets in Witcher 3' is a pretty popular one in the game's forums and general internet sets.

Well, the term 'best' is subjective given that different players use different parameters to judge Witcher 3 armor sets. Some prefer an armor set that steps up their defense mechanism while others want one that makes Geralt of Rivia, the game's player character, ferocious when attacking those beasts. In this article, I have compiled a list of the most popular armor sets. That they are widely used means that they are generally the best. I have also tried to sample each set to get a feel of how it works. I have gone deeper to explain what each one of them offers to a player so that players can be able to pick their individual 'best.'

Witcher 3 Best Armors by Popularity and Function

Nilfgaardian Armor

This is a DLC (Downloadable Content) armor set. The first perk is that you can download it for free. It racks up a player's defense significantly and is pretty pleasant to look at. It gives Geralt a proper monster-slayer appearance the effect of which is a better feeling of confidence for the player.

The practical bit of the set is that it can save players who are not swift since it minimizes damage from some accidental hits. It, however, does not give any significant boost to the offensive bit of the game. This makes it a 'best' armor set for (mostly new) players who are not swift in ducking and dodging.

Viper Armor

With the Viper Armor Set, you are working with Geralt in a significantly more powerful role than with Nilfgaardian Armor. To access this set, I had to-and you'll also have to-go via the Hearts of Stone, which is a pioneer of Witcher 3's main downloadable content. This set allows you to put your creativity to use in molding several items of the full gear. It improves both the defensive and offensive bit by including two swords. The set does not, however, allow modification of the steel sword- the most important weapon whenever <a href="">Geralt of Rivia</a> has a monster elimination assignment.

Assassin's Armor Set

I have seen some reviewers say that this is not a great armor set but I don't share that opinion. I guess most players put it down simply because it is accessible so early into the game. Not many people value something they have not sweated for, you know.

Its key offerings are a generous grant of gauntlets and a bonus in the form of the Critical Hit Chance. These features are not very useful for a player who has experience in video games at the stage where they appear. However, they make the armor set useful in advanced levels when real combat is needed. My recommendation, thus, is that novice players use them to get through lower levels. They are also great for seasoned players in advanced stages where they do not need to accumulate bonuses for gear.

Toussaint Knight's Tourney Armor

Geralt may not be very happy with this armor as it stifles his speed and agility preferences. But there has to be a dress code for every occasion, right? This set which covers the fighter like a knight is quite heavy and makes him somewhat slower. However, it boosts his defense significantly as it can endure heavy hits. It is therefore recommended for advanced rounds where opponents are mean and tough, requiring more calculation and tactic than speed and dodging.

I give this set a plus because its knightly appearance gives a real-life picture of the olden days when knights went to war. Moreover, the same set has variant editions that players can use without sacrificing too much agility and speed.

Viper School Armor Set

Another Viper set makes it to the list. This Hearts of Stone set has the basic look that you see Geralt wearing in the early stages of the game but it is more potent. It has a good balance of defense and attack features, making it suitable for the intermediate level of play. For instance, rather than add weight to the suit, it boosts attack by lacing your swords with poison.

Tesham Mutna Armor

This is a Blood and Wine DLC set. Like other armor sets from that line, the Tesham Mutna is a viable armor when Geralt ventures out against bloodthirsty opponents. It is more of a defensive armor but requires speed. This is not an armor set for the novice. It usually is not the first pick for me; I turn to it when I have to go back and re-strategize after a foiled attack. Don't be fooled by the cool and fancy appearance; this is an armor set for intense battle, not a playing costume. To access this set, you will need to successfully undertake the difficult La Cage au Fou challenge. Once you lay your hands on it, however, you will be proud of all the sweat shed.

Ursine School Armor Set

This is another armor set for the heavy battles. It can withstand heavy attacks and it becomes tougher with each upgrade. It also builds the most vicious tools in the form of grenades that can floor even the toughest adversaries. However, this set requires a lot of skill. An amateur player would lose pretty much every outing if they used Ursine Armor. I don't use it myself, but that is a matter of preference rather than its lack of potential.

Hen Gaidth Armor Set

This is my favorite of the Blood and Wine line of expansion armors. It is a heavy set and I have always had fun with it in heavy combat. I love that it does not affect Geralt's agility while at the same time it can absorb heavy blows. That said, this is a set you are likely to miss if you are not actively looking for it. I also just happened to come across and, boy, what a gem!

Wolf School Armor Set

If you care about looking good while at war, this is the armor set for you. It looks extremely cool without losing the required features of war gear. To get this set, you need to prove that you are cool enough by collecting the pieces one by one. Besides the fancy looks, this is an offensive set that even Geralt enjoys wearing. It can be used by players of all levels of skill at any level of the game, but its strengths are best exploited in the advanced stages.

Feline School Gear Set

This is the armor set for the daring player. It makes Geralt an entirely different player, with hunger and ferocity that does not let him back down. However, this daring approach exposes the fighter to the enemy if the player is not highly technical and swift. As you may guess, thus, this is an armor set for the highly experienced player fighting it out in advanced levels of the game. Oh, and it does not require a DLC for the build to start.

Grandmaster Wolven Armor

I'd have rated this set as the best even without seeing other reviews. That many other reviewers on the forums I have visited share the same opinion says so much about it. This set requires you to buy the expansion called Blood and Wine, but it is worth every coin! It is the real Grand Master in many ways.

It allows you to virtually build your war chest without limits. You can visit numerous awesome locations as you get through the Blood and Wine, each one of them allowing you to collect highly potent defense and attack features. Of all Witcher 3 armor sets, the Grandmaster Wolven Armor wins for me.

Final Thoughts on Best Witcher 3 Armor Sets

Witcher 3 is an amazing game by itself, but the fact that it has many other beautiful features makes it even more awesome. I love that the game allows players to reap from their skills and dedication by letting them unlock more features to help them in conquering challenges. The DLC concept is also awesome as expansions enable users to create armor sets of different potential and appearance.

As mentioned early in the article, different players will love different armor sets. I have discussed the best armor sets above, based on my experiences with them, their popularity among players, and the advantages that each one of them offers to players of different skill levels. The game developer keeps producing upgrades which I will continue testing and sharing with Witcher 3 enthusiasts. For now, you can pick your own best from the list above. You can also share with other readers an armor set that is not mentioned and tell us why you like it.

Let's keep enjoying Witcher 3's awesome armor sets, shall we?