In the last five GTA games, not a single car exists for real. And even though there is not an official source claiming anything related to cars in GTA 6, It is not probable that GTA 6 will have any real cars.

If there is one game that gamers cannot stop waiting for, it is GTA 6. It is the Sherlock of the gaming world - no one knows if and when, but that does not stop the community from coming up with new and interesting speculations regarding the future of GTA and its vehicles. One speculation that occurs a lot is that there might be real cars in the game. But this is likely, not true.

GTA Might Never Have Real Cars

Sadly, real cars are probably never going to appear in GTA 6 - at least not officially. One common misconception is that it is about the price that Rockstar will have to pay, it is not. The licensing cost should be well within the development budget. It is something else; well-known car brands might not be interested in collaborating with this game.

GTA has been upgrading, game after game and the expectations of the gamers have reached the sky. Right now, we would all love to run amok on the streets of the new GTA city in a sweet ride that we probably cannot afford in real life. Real cars in GTA 6 seem to be what every GTA fan wants now, I included.

But, there has been no official hint from Rockstar Games regarding the use of real car brands in GTA 6. Therefore, there is hardly any reason to believe such rumors - only to be heartbroken later. There are leaks from various YouTube channels claiming that real vehicles are going to be a part of GTA 5. However, there is no way to verify the leaks, and there is a clear incentive to come up with such a thing if you are a YouTuber and that spells views.

Car Manufacturers Have Not Been Interested

Rockstar might be eager to introduce real cars to GTA, but car manufacturers might not be.

Let us face the truth - GTA is thrilling and all, but it is also infamous for everything that occurs in the game. After all, the GTA series is all about crimes and heists, road rage, and recklessness.

Think about it - all real car brands promote themselves as safe options. Their idea of adventure is to drive alone for a weekend trip. They spend a fortune to advertise their reliability. GTA, a game about stealing cars and committing crimes, is different from the image that these brands want to project.

In GTA, accidents are inevitable and part of the game. No car company with a reputation as a safe brand would want its vehicle to be a part of such wreckage, even if it is not real.

Many are, as we speak, outraged by GTA because of various content in the game. Why would a car brand want to associate itself with a game like GTA?

When a car company takes part in a particularly rough scene in the game, people who dislike the game can apply that same bitterness toward the car brand. They might think that the brand accepts and endorses everything that they find problematic about the game.

You might ask why car brands are ok with TV shows and movies. But, the truth is those car manufacturers only allow their vehicles to be featured on scripted shows and movies. The car manufacturers get to read scripts or watch videos before the official release. Simply put, they have control over everything.

But in a game like GTA, car manufacturers can not and will not have any control over the scenes in which their cars are shown. They cannot make requests regarding how they want their brand name to be used. GTA as a game is not fully scripted. It is an interactive open-world game where players can do anything.

Even though some parts of the game are scripted, new updates are recently released. Imagine if GTA wanted to release an update, but could not do so because of what a car manufacturer thinks about the dialogue, it would be a disaster.

What Cars GTA 6 Might Have

As you know, the amount of cars in GTA 5 is staggering. Everything from racers, sedans, to jetpacks and flying bikes. All of them, more or less, inspired by real vehicles. We can assume that the same category of vehicles will be available in GTA 6, as well.

However, credible sources state that you might get the option to customize your car's interior in GTA 6. Everything from the steering wheel to the seated might be customizable.

But this is just something that credible sources think might get introduced. Since Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed anything, we really can not know for sure.

Many sources claim that the making of GTA 6 is inspired by South America in the 80s. If those rumors appear to be right, your character will likely be using cars that appeared in South America during this time.

You might start with some cheaper cars and get hold of more powerful vehicles upon reaching the United States. For example, you might start with Ford, Fiats, and Volkswagen inspired vehicles and slowly moving closer to BMW, Mustang, and Ferrari looking vehicles. Sounds thrilling, right?

GTA lovers indulge in all kinds of speculations and theories, especially when it comes to vehicles. Rumour has it that cars in GTA 6 will be used as weapon inventories like it is in Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, if you are interested in featured cars in GTA 6, read about all of the rumors and connect them to the vehicle side of the game.

For example, If  GTA 6 will be inspired by London in the 80s, some Ford Classic lookalike is not completely unrealistic to consider. So keep up with rumors that might not directly be related to the vehicles in the game, you can still make assumptions.

Modding Real Cars Into GTA Is Possible

Do not be completely disheartened. Even if you do not get to drive your dream car in the virtual world from start, the modding community has always had a lot to offer.

Now, what happens to modding in GTA 6, we do not know. However, it is hard to believe that modding will disappear, take the Nissan GTR mod, for example. It has been downloaded 700,000 times since 2015!

However, if your dream car will be able to download and mod into GTA 6, well, that is something that you will have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts

Even though you will still get some fabulous vehicles, they will not be a virtual version of your favorite brands. I would love to see real cars in GTA. It is, however, reasonable to believe that this might never be a reality, without modding of course.

However, you will still get to enjoy some amazing vehicles influenced by some of the best car manufacturers in the world, and even though the car band is not put on the car, you can form a pretty good idea about what kind of real-life car that Rockstar Games tried to replicate.